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«The fourth major nutrient»

Sulphur is a valuable commodity and an integral component of the world. It is economically used to manufacture a myriad of essential products including various chemical and particularly fertilizers.

It is a vital nutrients for crops, animals and humans, and is one of the mail building blocks for life. It is an important component for protein and one of the most essential elements needed by plants. Sulphur also plays an active role in the production of chlorophyll, enzymes and other basic compounds.

Without adequate sulphur, crops cannot reach their full potential in terms of yield, protein content and quality. Crops also need sulphur to make an efficient use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other vital elements.

Sulphur is in greater demand than ever before and sulphur deficiency in soil are expected to increase due to growth of high-yielding crop varieties, use of sulphur-free fertilizers, and the removal of sulphur from industrial emission.

For fertilizer efficiency, maximum economic yield, crop quality and protein content, consider sulphur which soil specialist now call «the fourth major nutrient», along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.